Doing Good Feels Good – Music, Games and More!

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Episode 3: News stories courtesy of the Good News Network. For more information visit

Host and Reporter: Tom Averna

Reporter: Deb Frisch

Malayna Dawn, “The News Muse”

  • We were all born into a box of culture, but we don’t have to stay there!

Reporter: Vernon Howell

Report from Tom Averna:

Report from Deb Frisch:

Malayna Dawn, “The News Muse”

  • Finances are energy!

Reporter: Vernon Howell

Rick Cowling and Sherry Hursey, “Sharing the Dream” Hosts!

  • Meet Foster Care Counts, a nonprofit revolutionizing foster care. For more information visit
  • Interview with Sierra Scott, veteran news anchor and writer, director and star of “It’s All Good” Television series.




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