Changing Patterns to Positives

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In this episode:

Host and Reporter, Tom Averna, shares a story about the Success Kid from NBC News

News Muse, Malayna Dawn, calls attention to shift from harassment and bullying in politics and personal interactions.

Positude shared by Scott Johnson from Patanjali. Read this quote and more.

Reporter, Deb Frisch, tells us about a Soup Kitchen that acts like a restaurant in Kansas City.

Reporter, Vernon Howell, gives us 1000 Reasons to Choose Beauty  from Good News #IChooseBeauty !

Positude  from John F. Kennedy, read by Tom Averna.

News Muse, Malayna Dawn,talks about how “bully” once meant “admirable, or gallant” and “bully for you” was a good thing!  How do we get back to that?

Host and Reporter, Tom Averna, sharing the antithesis of a “pie in the sky” story from Huffington Post by Susie Strutner, “Teen Wins Free Pizza for Year, Gives it to Homeless Kids Instead

Reporter, Deb Frisch, tells us about former Senator, Herb Kohl, who funded all requests from teachers posted on the education crowdfunding site Learn more at

News Muse, Malayna Dawn, gives tips to create protective bubbles around us and encourage each other.  Check out Maeril’s great cartoon guidance!

Sharing the Dream with Sherry Hursey and Rick Cowling interviews:


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